a sustainable solution

Environmentally Friendly

Not only are environmentally friendly practices healthy for our planet, they’re a good business decision. By manufacturing our product in the USA, we eliminate the large emissions from international shipping.

Our manufacturing facilities employ the latest techniques in recycling, down to the resuse of sawdust for home use in area communities.  Additionally, our products are produced with finishes made from natural compounds that exceed regulations for VOC’s and all plywoods and engineered wood products are formaldehyde free.  

Consider this:
  • 97 percent waste free
  • Wood products from sustainable forestry producers
  • FSC certified wood products available
  • Formaldehyde-free plywoods & engineered wood products
  • Low-VOC resins
  • Low-VOC catalyzed conversion varnishes exceeding all major environmental and safety standards for VOCs applied at the manufacturing site
  • Water-based pre-catalyzed conversion varnishes that meet all major requirements for low-VOC onsite use
  • Manufactured within 500 miles of Atlanta, St. Louis, Milwaukee, New York City
"CG America furniture showcases a model of sustainability that is good for the environment and good for your business"